Affiliate Program Info (Beta)



The Productive Fitness Affiliate System is a way for fitness forward individuals to represent Productive Fitness and earn income on sales.

What is the Rate?

Currently the rate for sales is 10% however this could change. Please review our terms of service regarding the affiliate system.

Is their a limit to how much I can make?

No, the more that is tracked and sold will be available for payout via eTransfer (available in Canada) or Paypal. Payments are made to affiliates on our schedule and will be reviewed by Productive Fitness employees prior to payment.

Can anyone Join?

At this time the affiliate system is currently in Beta and we are only accepting individuals on an invite only basis. You are welcome to contact us.

I am missing a sale help!!

Unfortunately do to situations out of our control not all purchases will be able to count towards your referral amount. An example of this would be someone clicking your link but then ordering a product on a different device. Or using technology to block a referral link. 

Terms and Conditions

You must agree to our terms and conditions of using the affiliate system. The terms and conditions change often so please be vigilant of changes. Available in your affiliate dashboard


  • Please make your selection carefully.
  • Please include a payment email here.
  • No need to write an essay.
  • Price: $ 1.00 CAD
  • $ 0.00 CAD
  • MasterCard